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Dreamtime Flooring is deeply committed to sustainability. We utilize eco-friendly materials, employ energy-efficient manufacturing practices, and offer a take-back scheme for recycling old flooring. Our high-quality products have longer lifespans, promote energy efficiency, and, through collaboration with Indigenous artists, support cultural preservation and sustainability. By choosing Dreamtime Flooring, customers enjoy stunning, culturally rich flooring while actively contributing to a more eco-conscious world.

Take-Back Policy

The end of a carpet's life cycle is a crucial consideration, and Dreamtime Flooring addresses this issue with a robust take-back policy. When you're ready to replace your carpet, Dreamtime Flooring makes it simple to ensure responsible disposal. Their take-back policy enables customers to return old carpets, diverting them from landfills. The carpets are then processed and recycled, reducing waste, and minimizing environmental impact. This commitment to sustainability and a circular economy ensures that your old carpet can be given a new life, contributing to a greener and more eco-conscious future.

By eliminating PVC from its products, Dreamtime Flooring is reducing the amount of toxic chemicals that are released into the environment. This helps to protect both the environment and human health. PVC-free vinyl has a lower level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) than traditional vinyl, which can help improve indoor air quality. VOCs are a group of chemicals that can be released into the air and cause health problems such as headaches, respiratory problems, and nausea. It reduces the amount of energy required to produce it. This results in lower greenhouse gas emissions and a reduced carbon footprint. It is a part of a larger sustainability effort to reduce the impact of flooring production on the environment. By using more environmentally friendly materials, Dreamtime Flooring is making a positive impact on the environment. 

PVC Free 

The Green Star certification system is an internationally recognized and respected sustainability rating scheme for the built environment, primarily focusing on buildings and construction projects. Developed in Australia, it has expanded its influence globally, promoting the creation of environmentally responsible, healthier, and more sustainable structures. Green Star assesses a wide range of factors related to construction and operation, including the materials used, the energy efficiency of a building, its water usage, indoor air quality, and its overall environmental impact.

To achieve a Green Star certification, a building or product must meet specific environmental performance criteria, demonstrating a commitment to reducing its environmental footprint. This system encourages not only the use of environmentally friendly materials but also the adoption of sustainable building practices and technologies, which ultimately lead to a more sustainable and healthier built environment. 

Environmental Certification Green Star 


A shift towards innovation and progress

Our accomplishment of catalysing a change in the mindset of a corporate giant, for the first time in well over a century, is a testament to our dedication to progress and transformation. By challenging conventions, sparking new ideas, and fostering a culture of change.


Empowering Indigenous Enterprises

Our commitment to strategic partnership with Indigenous businesses is a cornerstone of our values. We believe in fostering meaningful relationships and providing crucial support to Indigenous entrepreneurs. By actively engaging and collaborating with Indigenous enterprises.


Proudly certified

Dreamtime flooring is proud to be recognized as a Certified Supplier for Supply Nation, Australia's first Indigenous supplier diversity council dedicated to growing the work opportunities available to Indigenous business across the country.


Chamber of Commerce VIC Certified

Buyers can engage with Dreamtime confidently knowing we have successfully gone through the Board’s certification process and have been approved as a genuine Victorian based Aboriginal business.


Making a difference together.

Creating a social impact is a promise to make a positive difference in the world. At Dreamtime we believe that businesses have a responsibility to contribute to the greater good. By frequently On-Country Pathways

donating to notable Indigenous charities.


Crafted in Our Community.

At the heart of our operation is a dedication to "local manufacturing".

We take pride in producing our goods right here in our community, contributing to the local economy and ensuring that every product meets the highest standards of quality.


Crafted with pride down under.

Every Dreamtime product is proudly crafted on the shores of Australia.

Get the chance to experience the difference of products with the Australian Made' seal - it's a mark of excellence and authenticity that we're honoured to bear.

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